IPS General Corporate Secretary Service

For occasions such as…

  • Outsourcing general secretarial work
  • Searching for an assistant for your temporary and long-term needs to communicate with law firms and/or government authorities
  • Looking for a foothold in following up your correspondences with Indonesian parties

our General Corporate Secretary Service on a monthly contract basis is available.  This service provides you with a continuous and general secretarial service, as if you had an additional secretary/assistant for your representative, correspondence office, or assistant to your legal department.

You will receive the following benefits by booking our General Corporate Secretary Service:

→ discounted rate is applicable
→ subject to the booking condition, the basic
    diagnosis is available for free
→ available for free except where attendance
     service is required
→ discounted rate is applicable
→ available for free for regular correspondence
→ discounted rate is applicable
→ available for free except for special cases

Licensing Agency


:Consultation with relevant government authority

:Submission of time frame and needed documents list

:Preparation of application draft

:Official submission of application

:Progress reports until license obtained

  • New Company Establishment Related
  • Investment License / SPPMA (Surat Persetujuan Penanaman Modal Asing)
  • Articles of Association  / AKTE Pendirian
  • Approval from Ministry of Justice and Human Rights / SK Kehakiman
  • State Gazette / Berita Negara
  • Domicile Certificate / Surat Domisili 
  • Tax File Number / NPWP
  • VAT Registration / PKP
  • Company Registration / TDP (Tanda Daftar Perusahaan)
  • Permanent Operating License / IUT (Izin Usaha Tetap)
  • Optional
  • Import License
  • Master List
  • Environment Assessment / UKL/UPL, UU Gangguan
  • and Others

***License alteration order is also acceptable.


Corporate Documents Diagnosis Service


Have you ever read through your own corporate documents and checked them for consistency and completeness?
In most cases we tend to just simply believe any output received from the authorities.


Authorities are not free from overlooking certain points.

There was a case that a foreign-negative-listed range of business was approved for a foreign capital company (PMA), and the company was given investment approval by the regional authority in charge.
The company had a hard time obtaining its permanent operation license.

Also, a Public Notary will not always correct your mistake.

A company intended to increase its capital and submitted the relevant minutes of general shareholders meeting to a public notary. Several years later, when the company intended to make some other alteration to its articles of association, it turned out that the figures mentioned in the said minutes were totally wrong and did not make sense.  However, such confused figures were already notarized and approved by the ministry of justice and human rights without any doubts being raised. 
Therefore to proceed with the further alteration, the company had to spend extra time and money for the correction.

Here are more example cases:

  • A company was not aware that it had to apply for a permanent operating license and it had been operating without a license for a long time.
  • A company made alterations its articles of association many times, however for some reason, the public notary understood further process was to be done on the company’s side but the company was not aware that further procedures were required.

As you see by these examples, risks are everywhere and there is nothing wrong with checking your corporate documents to make sure they are in order.
For that purpose, we provide the following services:

Step-1:Documents List-up


We compile your own corporate documents chronologically per category and state our findings, such as missing documents.
Corporate documents complete file copies with Japanese index is available upon request.

Step- 2:Investigation


For any unclear points and/or missing documents found, we will make an investigation by interviewing the relevant public notary, government authorities, person in charge in your company etc., to trace the background story.

Step-3 :Licensing


As a result of investigation, if any alteration/correction or new application of license is to be made, we will proceed with licensing on your behalf, upon request.

Other relative services such as to obtain corporate lawyer’s comments, translation or summary making of corporate documents etc., are also available upon request.

Business Trip Support back

For individual visitors and visitors who do not have affiliate companies in Indonesia, we provide business trip support.

  • Arrangement of appropriate accommodation and transportation
  • Arrangement of business visa
  • Arrangement of appointments
  • Screening and introduction of appropriate agents based on needs
  • Arrangement of interpreter or attendant upon request
  • Various data/information search such as exhibition/event schedule, appropriate supplier/organization list
  • Other necessary information search

If you need long-term service, please consider using our General Corporate Secretary Service

Meeting Attendance back

We attend your important or delicate meetings to facilitate your negotiations and/or discussions.

  • In case of a dispute or disagreement with a foreign party, sometimes having a third party as a sort of buffer can relax the strained relation between the concerned parties.
  • For any extra duty, for example a marketing manager who is forced to look after a law consultation, this service can be used as a sort of back-up.   (In cases where long-term and continuous support is needed, please consider our General Corporate Secretary Service as well.)

We will facilitate your meeting by having a full understanding of the background as well as your viewpoint through a pre-meeting.

*** A meeting-minutes checking service and meeting-minutes draft-making service are also available upon request.

Documents Drafting and Editing Service back
  • Drafting documents in English and/or Indonesian from a concept given in Japanese or vice versa.
  • Cross-checking of translation result.
  • Standard form making for various needs.

*** Drafting : We prepare the required document draft based on concept given.
*** Editing : We cross-check document or translation result against the original concept or original translation material, then prepare a revised draft upon request.

  • Various Correspondence(internal notices, claim letters, other letters to third parties etc.)
  • Letters to Government Authorities(statements, petitions, requests, notices etc.)
  • Corporate Documents such as Articles of Association, Company Regulations etc.
  • Reports

(Drafting which requires special knowledge may not be available or cause additional charge.)

Translation Service back

Risks regarding translations
To order a translation has risks unless you understand both of the languages.  If the translation result is your mother tongue, maybe you can guess the level of competency, however, even if you feel “this translation result looks poor and does not fully make sense”, or if the translator insists “the composition of the original draft itself is poor”, it would be difficult for you to prove that your negative feeling is reasonable.  Moreover if the translation result is in another language that you do not understand, you have no way of checking the same in any sense.
In case you are going to submit a document in a foreign language – that you do not understand – to a third party, and you intend to check the contents through translation, or if the translator does not highlight mistakes and/or imperfect parts of the original draft into his/her translation, such problems may be overlooked and submitted without correction.

Problems of Translation in Indonesia
Indonesian is not a widely used language in the world and Japanese is one of the most difficult languages. Therefore the number of persons who can do Indonesian-Japanese translations is limited.
Of course, persons who can do English-Japanese translations are relatively easy to find, but most of them have no reason to stay in Indonesia; meaning it is difficult to find good English-Japanese translators residing in Indonesia.

IPS’ Translation
Under such limited conditions, to reflect contents and conditions of original documents faithfully, we take care to watch for the following points:

  1. Original Draft Study : Our translators are supposed to report all the portions and technical terms that they are not sure of so that we can check with the customer regarding their meanings.  We try our utmost to grasp the meaning of the draft.
  2. Choice of Wording : Except for common nouns, we have wordings corresponding consistently with the original wording in our translation.  And if we are not really sure about the appropriateness of a translated section, we put the original word as an annotation.
  3. Mistakes in Original Drafts : If we find some mistakes (confused structure, missing part, contradictive content etc.), we put an annotation to explain our doubt and suggest the presumed proper sentence depending on the situation.
  4. Unclear Parts in Original Draft :If we find some unclear parts (vague sentence or uncommon wording etc.), we make the most suitable choice according to our judgment and put other possibilities in annotation.
  5. Un-understandable Parts in Original Draft : If there are some parts that we are unable to get the point of for some reason, we state the fact in annotation.

Please refer our Price List (for reference only).

Drafting/Editing Service is also available for your consideration.
Research back

We study requirements carefully, comprehend the purpose, and collect information.

  • Laws / regulations related to your interest as well as the interpretation per case
  • Listing potential buyers / suppliers
  • Listing appropriate agents / consultants
  • Corporate Data Search (open information)
  • Investigation of chronology and background story for a particular incident / case
  • Invite official comments from professionals (such as lawyers) for a particular incident / case
  • Other inquiries

** We can also coordinate market research (qualitative) upon request.