IPS Translation Service Price List (for reference only) 2009

Documents Type Regular Special
Language (both ways) (Correspondences etc.) (legal / technical documents etc.)
Japanese - Indonesian US$30 US$35
Japanese - English US$35 US$40
Indonesian - English US$20 US$25


  • The above prices are per output unit.  (not per original document page)
  • 1 output unit is equivalent to;
    • 400 characters for Japanese
    • 25 lines based on Century / Times New Roman 12pt for English and Indonesian
  •             *** as a rough idea, 1 original A4 page averagely results 1.5-2 output units.
    • The above prices are excluding of VAT.
    • For documents of which word / lines count is difficult such as the ones containing graphs / charts or for bulky order, fixed price deal is considerable.

Option etc.

  • Layout Setting : The above prices are for translation only.  Additional charge may be requested for layout setting service.
  • Sworn Translator : Sworn translator’s stamp is available for Indonesian oriented translation only (meaning not available for Japanese-English) with additional charge.


  • Unless otherwise specially agreed, our guarantee period is 2 weeks after submission of translation results.
  • Individual estimations are to be made after having original documents in our hand.  For inquiries from companies / individuals in Indonesia, IDR rate is also applicable.
  • The above prices are subject to changes without notice.
  • The above prices do not cover editing or cross checking of original documents.  Please inquire our Drafting / Editing Service for such requests.